Mikao Usui Sensei

The Reiki Masters Level is split into two:

Reiki Master Practitioner:

The Reiki USUI masters course is only available to those who have completed the 12 week Reiki course.

The Masters course is a 5 week comprehensive course which includes the following:
Taking responsibility and bringing the qualities of a Reiki Master into your life.
Learning the Reiki healing attunement.
Learning the Reiki 1,2 and advanced healing attunement.
Learning what the Reiki masters duties and responsibilities are.
Meeting your master guide.
Meeting your totem animal.
Case studies
Externally moderated practical exam


Reiki Master Teacher

A 3 year mentorship program available to those who have gone through our training program and who meet all minimum requirements.

Once the Master Practitioner training, case studies and practical exam have been completed, this mentorship program will be discussed with your Reiki Master

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