Gendai Reiki

Hiroshi Doi


Gendai Reiki is a type of Reiki that combines traditional methods with specific types of healing training methods that can be used for more recent types of practices. By focusing on spiritual concepts which were taken from ancient Japan, this method allows those interested to use Gendai as a healing method.

The originator of Gendai Reiki in Japan is Hiroshi Doi. He was a part of the original system and its founding. The meaning of Gendai is modern and relates to the methods that he established with Reiki. Gendai Reiki, then, can be referred to as a modern style of healing.


There are several unique aspects to Gendai Reiki. Traditional methods are the basis and start for Gendai. Ancient methods and other healing disciplines are incorporated into the training. The method deciphers between these different healing methods by relating it to healing through spiritual means. By keeping this focus, it allowed for the methods in Gendai Reiki to be moved through with this goal.


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