20 reviews

20 reviews


"I recently completed my Advanced Reiki course with Reiki Master Gina Ambrose in Milnerton. The course material was clear and insightful. Gina was patient, willing to share her expertise and wisdom and encouraged me to develop in positive light and love.

Karen Visser- April 2022
Reiki Certificate
"Thank you so much for this amazing Reiki course Gina! This was an empowering experience and

your insight contributed so much to this journey. I can highly recommend the Reiki course to anyone, whether you are looking to practice Reiki or just for self improvement, either way, this is the one. "

Nicole Viljoen - Nov '21
Testimonial Alchemy
"I have just done the Personal Alchemy course with Gina and to say it was amazing would be an

understatement. This course has completely changed the way I view the world and has helped me gain such a deeper understanding of myself, my feelings and behaviours. Gina I am so grateful for everything that you have taught me in this course and in the Reiki course I did previously. You hold such a beautiful space that allows me to explore the depths of my soul. Thank you for everything!"

Michelle McKenzie - Nov 20
Healing Testimonial
"I highly recommend Gina and Reiki Courses Cape Town. I have done all her courses and

recommend all of them! Gina is dedicated, empathetic and fun! She truly honours Reiki and embodies Reiki in everything she does. She is a truly inspirational mentor and teacher!"

Anna Terblanche
"The Reiki course with Gina was one of the biggest journeys of self discovery and self healing I

had ever embarked on. I am touched by what I had learnt about myself, to be a better person and to heal from the past and how to move forward to success, spiritual enlightenment and just to be calm. Thank you Gina you are truly a magnificent teacher and Reiki Master!"

Janine Burch - Nov 19
Reiki Symbol
"Thank you Gina for an uplifting spiritual Reiki course. It has been the best investment, firstly for my own self growth and development and for the

journey ahead."

Lee-anne Durand - Aug 19
Reiki Healing
"Words cannot begin to explain how much I enjoyed my Reiki course. Gina is a phenomenal teacher who teaches with so much love and passion. 12 weeks of magical bliss, cannot begin to express how much I have learnt. Cannot wait to come back and continue growing and learning all that is Reiki. Woweee, speechless. Thank you Gina ❤"
Teagan Campbell - Aug 18

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