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Gina Ambrose
Gina Ambrose

Hi, I am Gina Ambrose – Reiki  Master and Master Teacher; Reiki practitioner and Emotional Guidance Practitioner. I have completed, and subsequently teach Usui Shiki Ryoho, Karuna® Reiki, Usui Reiki Ryoho, Gendai Reiki and Seichem/Sekhem Reiki, Crystal Healing and Personal Alchemy courses, plus a number of workshops. I have also received training in Jikiden Reiki and am registered with the Jikiden Institute in Japan.

My Reiki Journey

 I stumbled upon Reiki quite by accident.  It was during a period of my life, when things were just not adding up, that a friend asked me to join her on a Reiki course.  The rest, as they say, is history.

 Having been on this path for over 20 years, I realised that life didn’t need to be so hard; work didn’t need to be something I dreaded going to every day, and that people are hungry for knowledge.

 In 2010, I semi-grated to Cape Town and was asked by the Chairman of The Reiki Association of Southern Africa, Karen Lange, if I wished to teach in Cape Town as there were currently no RASA accredited Reiki Masters in that region.  I grabbed the chance to follow my passion and am now a RASA Accredited Reiki Master and Master Teacher. Based in Milnerton, but serve all areas of Cape Town, I have taught and treated people from as far as Robertson in the North, Jacobs Bay in the West and Cape Point in the South.

 Reiki has given me incredible insight into the human body and psyche.  I am passionate about working with people on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level – both from a teaching and healing perspective.

 I currently serve as a trustee for the Reiki Association of Southern Africa, in charge of memberships and marketing.

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“When you follow your heart, each working day is one of discovery and delight:

Discovery of self and others.

Delight in the joy of sharing  knowledge and gifts”

Gina Ambrose
Founder, Master Teacher

Discover Reiki and Healing

Join me on a journey of discovery.  A journey that will forever change your life for the better.  Enabling you to help yourself and others.

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