Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is a gift from ‘Gaia’ our Mother Earth, and is thought to go back to the Ancients of Lemuria and Atlantis.  Crystals are healing tools, each with a unique vibration and resonance which work with both the physical and etheric bodies from a sensory perspective.

We are all light beings and each of our cells emits light. The energy and vibration of crystals can magnify this light and amplify the energies that balance and energise us at a cellular and auric level. They can be used most effectively in healing and when combined with other healing modalities, crystal healing is a most useful and powerful modality when combined with Reiki. When used in a grid pattern as a form of sacred geometry these grids create light pillars opening us up to deeper consciousness and understanding.

The 16 week course includes:

    • Discover what is stored in a crystal
    • Choosing a crystal
    • Master crystals
    • Crystal foot massage
    • Crystal body massage
    • What does your illness mean
    • Inner child work
    • Universal fears and truths
    • Advanced intuition training
    • Past life regression therapy
    • Meridian therapy
    • Zone therapy
    • Polarity therapy
    • Soul psychology

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